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    congrats both had great entries !
  3. There have been sightings of huge Gorax creatures near starport all around the galaxy !
  4. until
    Tuskens invade bestine - help protect the people there, Be warned there are a few high level ones.
  5. Patch 7 will be pushed to the live server along with some server OS Patches, The announcement was made here : This should take approx. 3 hours, But this is an approx. time.
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    It seems that the kimogila's have planned to take back their land and will be standing guard round Nyms Stronghold to warn off any visitors, There may be loot given out by Staff during the event, other than that it will be regular kimo loot tables.
  7. There is a large number of Tusken warriors that are attacking Mos Espa on Tatooine, Please come and help defend the city !, Note these are the BH 355 mission mobs along with tougher ones so bring a Combat toon only.
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