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  1. I am responding to CH line.

    I played in the beginning and first CH blow was when I got to the point I could train mounts speeders were released.  Then I could tackle any nest and survive.  I would run with the combat bad boys and tank for them.  Even pulling all those pets they couldn't go the distance of the battle.   I had BE pets and they were bad.  In the day there were around 250K playing and no one was rushing out to be CH.  There were the bad ass BH, Cam, etc.  But I had all of the exploration badges and mostly by myself.  That is what made the game so appealing was that you have a crew or not and go to the cantina and all the peps in (entertainers} were real time, just hanging passing time shooting the S##t with the other SIM gamers.  There was a place for everyone.  Now you have to conform to a narrow edge.  You could go to almost any cantina and there were live entertainers and in any med center were several docs.  I was rebel and had a imp doc I used that I would go to her home to get buffed.  I love the player cities but if you are not affiliated can be a problem.  I started  playing again and for six months I was using Foundry and no one ask me join faction or live in their city so I put my four houses about 650 meters out.  In the game now I met some people at an event and now belong to a guild for the first time.

    Oh and by the way I had a home I think on Dant that was on a island just out side of town and dark jedi would spawn on my front porch and would drag him back to town so everyone could jump him.  I couldn't do him by myself. 

     Something else that is great now is the CSRs.  I never saw one in the old game.  Good and bad.LOL

    1. Elvira


      A lot of things can be different, depending on which era of the retail game you played.  

      There are several aspects of the game that are still being worked on, not only on our Development team but the SWGEmu. Some of the functions of our current game will be corrected as the SWGEmu makes corrections on their end and we are able to pull the updates from them. Other aspects of our current game are from a specific time frame in the retail version of PreCU. Each server owner determines which era they choose to use, of the content available to us. The owners then decide what, if anything, they want to change or alter. I can tell you that Aso has made several changes to what is available to us and his view is ever evolving. If you have suggestions regarding any aspect of the current game, please add them to the support forum in the upper right hand corner of the web page. Our Development team gives each suggestion a serious look.

      As far as the number of players running around and where they choose to set up shop, we have no control over this. It is up to each player to decide whether they want to run and maintain a city or use the Major cities to place their buff/ent crew. With this being a 15 year old game, I personally think we're doing well. It is up to all of us to keep new members informed as to where we, the players, hang out. Would we love to see a few hundred/thousand players running around? Absolutely! 

      As far as not being affiliated with a group goes, that also is up to each player as they come into Reckoning. We don't have thousands of players logging in daily to attack you with "Join us" spam.  Again, this is a 15 year old game. The forums can be a great source of information with regard to active city and guild listings. Talking in General chat can help a lot with finding the active player cities, player guilds and players themselves.

      (I haven't seen anything said in general chat in 30 minutes....) Say something, anything, hello, anyone there, I'm looking for a player city, I'm looking for a guild. ) Finding a good group of people to play with is as much up to you as it is to those that have or run those entities. (I'm not sure how often you talk to people outside of general chat.) Make yourself heard Darlin. :) No one is going to bite you. Let people know you're here.  

      We have an amazing staff in my opinion. We all have differing personalities and perspectives, with a common goal. ** Helping the community. **  We are happy to help you out, if what you are needing is within our scope, or just chat with you. 

      You and I have spoken several times in tells and I truly enjoy our conversations. I hope to speak to you soon. :)

      Thank you for taking the time to drop me a note.



    2. Madeeb


      Please do not think that there were any points of complaint about the game.  That was just my ramble.  One really great thing is you don't have to wait 20 min for a shuttle.  Another thing that is good is Events that you folks put on and you are the best event host.  Well now that I got my flirt on, thanks to you and the others for everything and have a great day.

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