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Event Comments posted by Elvira

  1. This event will be our last city event for a while. Lets make it a blow out!

    The folks from Ord Sinismar have come up with a few mini events for all of you. 

    Since this is the close of the city events for a while, there will be two additional mob spawns included. Woolamanders and Binayre Pirates.

    Let's make the screen shake on this one guys!

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  2. You all had this event Slammin today! Thank you all so much for coming out and keeping us on your toes.

    Kvack, you're awesome. Thank you so much for hosting and putting up with Jezz's stupid jokes!

    Congratulations to Rame. Winner of the Foundry Scavenger Hunt.

    Was an awesome day everyone!

  3. *The Galactic home show entries were absolutely spectacular. *   

    A decision on the winner of our Home Show was really rough. Kill commands were flying freely and several staff members may not fully recover.   

    Congratulations to Daetalus.   

    Simply amazing.   

    Please contact me to claim your prizes. 


    We can't wait to see what our next Galactic Home Show brings! 












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  4. Keep them coming guys. These structures are amazing!

    Please know that I didn't pick any particular spot in your structures for the photos. I found something that caught my eye and made a snap. Each of these structures if packed full of it's own unique goodness.

    Everyone should take the time to pop in and take a look at them. I've edited your posts to include the pics, waypoint and planet if it was missing from the original post.

    ** You still have time to enter the Home Show. Simply post the location and waypoint for your structure in this thread. **

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  5. We had an awesome turn out today in SuperNova. You guys completely rocked the event. 

    Thank you so much SuperNova for letting us overrun your city today. I apologize for the mess with the babies.. (shudder)

    A special thanks to those of you that donated extra credits to the lottery droid. I can't wait to see who our lucky winner is!

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  6. Thank you so much everyone for coming out today to join the merriment and Mayhem. So very nice to see so many newcomers. 

    You all completely smashed the day!

    The after party was all like.... waaaaaah!

    A huge thanks to Forge for letting us run amok and make a mess of their city. You guys were awesome!


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  7. b5K7Msm.jpg

    *This year’s Galactic home show entries were nothing short of incredible.*   

    A decision on the winner of this year’s Home Show was really rough. Kill commands were flying freely and several staff members may not fully recover.   

    Congratulations to Cimaron winner of the December 2018 Galactic Home Show.   

    Simply amazing.   

    Please contact me to claim your prizes. 


    We can't wait to see what the next Galactic Home Show brings!

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  8. A huge thanks to Krayts End West for letting us make a mess of their town.  You guys continue to blow me away. The need for two entertainer groups and the extra docs floored me. 

    Thank you everyone that came in to help with the buffing and that participated in the event. You all definitely made my last event of the year a blast!

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  9. You all continue to blow me away. You completely smashed this event. So many faces today. Good to see some that we haven't seen in a while and new faces as well. It was an amazing turn out.

    Thanks to everyone that participated, came by to lookie loo and those of you that helped keep things moving.  We literally moved the Cimmeria cantina staff. Thanks for letting us tear your city apart to have so much fun!

    Special thanks to Dawson! Dawson gave Dobby clothes! The Exceptional Hide Boots and Exceptional Recording Rod will fit nicely in the museum.  

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