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  1. Lets not forget Jedi is incredibility strong. Any buffs to the jedi class no matter how small will only make them exponentially stronger. This includes extra force, extra regen, or extra slots for SEAs.
  2. It would be nice to have a backpack but you add a slot for a bando which is 4 extra slots for CAs. If you can make it so they ONLY wear back packs thats fine. But the extra sockets would lead to a imbalance.
  3. I agree. I dont see a big issue with extra force but the regen can be game breaking. You already get a huge buff from wearing the robes from force regen. If you increase force regen you effectively lower the force cost on abilities. Right now with a 6 FC saber i can spam dervish 2 with little to no force cost. With more regen you might be able to use a 4th gen saber with no FC. I know some people think the robes dont do much but they do a lot as it is right now.
  4. It would be cool but not needed. What would be fun is robe customization!
  5. bigbenz

    Player Bounties

    Honestly you dont even need to have a dollar amount on the bounty. Just set it to a hard 100k no more no less.
  6. bigbenz

    Player Bounties

    The only way people could exploit this is if someone finds a loop hole in the system. Like jedi bounties not removing from the terms once a jedi is killed. This lead to one person greifing people over and over. It became not about the pvp and more about the greif. This system should not cause any issues. Its so very simple. If you dont want to pvp dont PVP. Only the people Pvping will have a chance to make the terms. However we all know every system has its bugs. Luckily on this server right now most players are people not interested in greifing just having fun PVPing. The only other thing i hearing people talk about is players exploiting to get credits but again most people are very cool and i think will follow rules. I believe this will make the server better and am very glad we are going to try it.
  7. bigbenz

    Player Bounties

    Don't forget about the BH group TEF
  8. bigbenz

    Player Bounties

    This is a awesome idea. But you need to make sure people dont exploit it. One dick face can really ruin the server.
  9. Uber buffs= clear states and perma burst run. So yes uber buffs.
  10. Also a overt squad leader hidden on the same planet gives the BH Uber buffs.

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