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  1. hey there :)

    quick question ...we started a city with our toons on dant...but it was metioned that setting up a city on the same ip address is against the rules ….before we get in torulbe I want to check with you ...if we need to disband it or we are ok to build

    thx you


    1. Elvira



      There isn't anything in the rules with regard to setting up a city using characters/accounts within the same household. I believe what you are referring to is use of multiple accounts by a single person. Which is against the rules. As described in the first sentence of 1.1.

      The Rules & Policies section regarding household accounts is as follows: 

      1.1  On Reckoning, you can only have one account per person. Each account allows 2 characters to be logged in at the same time. We will be strictly enforcing this.. Exceptions are made for households where multiple people play (such as families, roommates, etc.). Please use the multiple account request page to notify us of additional accounts on the same IP. If found to be in violation, the secondary account will be disabled. Further violations will result in more severe action. The one account rule is in place to ensure fair game play for everyone. Do not report your multiple account request using the report feature. Doing so will deny your request entirely.

      1.2  If you are banned, you are not permitted to bypass the ban by any means. If you think your ban was in error, or you wish to appeal, send an email to admin@swgreckoning.com.

      1.3  Sharing account information is forbidden. This policy is for multiple reasons, including privacy and preventing issues from happening where characters, items, credits or other in-game items go missing. Violations of this rule are considered minor (exceptions can be made with staff approval), it should be noted that Reckoning does not take responsibility if characters, items, credits or other in-game items are missing, deleted or otherwise unavailable if you share an account with someone.

      1.4  We reserve the right to reclaim any account name at anytime for any reason as the staff sees fit.

      All of our Rules & Policies can be found here: 


       Please feel free to contact me or any of our staff at any time. Should you need/want something a little less public, you can email any of us using the two little chat bubbles in the upper left of the web page.

    2. Bcorb


      Ok no I understand the rules I was told by a ingame friend ... thought maybe I missed something... thx as always 😊

    3. Elvira


      Would be kind of silly if you and your family couldn't start a city of  your own :)

  2. Loving this game all over again 

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