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    Patch Notes 5/13/2016, Patch 5.0

    Patch 5.0

    Profession: Bio Engineer
    • [Fixed] DNA sampling failure/aggro should now properly remove Mask Scent & Camo.

    Profession: Brawler
    • [Fixed] Intimidate no longer stacks with itself.

    Profession: Commando
    • [Fixed] FireHeavyWeapon animation.

    Profession: Creature Handler
    • [Added] The Creature Taming Bonus skill mod.
    • [Changed] Pet training success formula to be more forgiving to lower skilled creature handlers.

    Profession: Dancer/Musician
    • [Fixed] Experience gain values in the tre files. (Thanks ShadowFox!)

    Profession: Entertainer
    • [Fixed] BandFlourish will now correctly assign xp to only the initiator.

    Profession: Jedi
    • [Changed] Adjusted all damaging force powers for players to help with balance.
    • [Fixed] Saberslash 1/2 animation.
    • [Fixed] Force Intimidate now properly works on creatures/mobs.
    • [Fixed] Force Intimidate2 splash damage functionality.
    • [Added] Force intimidate1/2 chain animation.
    • [Fixed] Force regen after being healed from incap.
    • [Fixed] SaberSlash1/2 bleeds.
    • [Fixed] Saber combo hits pool multipliers.
    • [Fixed] Saber 1h Combo attacks now randomly splits it's damage multiplier between it's pools.
    • [Fixed] Regain Consciousness messages and debuffs.
    • [Changed] Jedi lightsaber attack-specials no longer cost HAM.
    • [Fixed] Jedi trainer generation when becoming a Padawan.
    • [Fixed] Corrected force sensitive xp conversion.
    • [Fixed] Dervish2 and Phantom attacks now use the default melee weapon range. The cone of the attacks extends to 24m.

    Profession: Marksman
    • [Fixed] PointBlankArea1 to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1.

    Profession: Medic
    • [Added] 60 second grogginess (-100 HAM) debuff to revive.
    • [Fixed] Quick Heal to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1.

    Profession: Ranger
    • [Fixed] Improper double-message with Ranger conceal check.
    • [Added] Missing flytext messages for 2 Ranger traps.

    Profession: Smuggler
    • [Added] Feign Death Skill and required checks.
    • [Fixed] Slicing armor with negative encumbrance will no longer increase the value.
    • [Fixed] Slicing xp values to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1.

    Profession: Squadleader
    • [Fixed] SL Buffs now properly factor TEF when checking if a player is eligible to receive the buff.

    • [Fixed] Combat state not clearing on player death.
    • [Fixed] Spill over damage being added to flytext.
    • [Fixed] Attack command queueing incorrectly.
    • [Fixed] Dots sometimes not ticking when they should.
    • [Fixed] AOE's now animate only towards the intended target.
    • [Fixed] Animation CRCs for all melee abilities to correctly use PCD/KD animations.
    • [Fixed] State only attacks not playing their animations
    • [Fixed] Weapon fire dots will now tick wounds at 1/5th the rate of the HAM damage.
    • [Fixed] Players can no longer attack mobs behind locked doors.
    • [Fixed] Attack animation not firing when target is incapaciated or dead.
    • [Fixed] Incapaciation animation and timer is now correctly synced with the client.
    • [Fixed] Combat dives/evasive rolls no longer snap the player back into position.
    • [Changed] Some commands to be properly delayed by Warcry.
    • [Fixed] The main defender will now always be at the front of the list.

    • [Fixed] Cloning invisible bug.
    • [Added] Decay report when a player clones.
    • [Added] New character starting email.
    • [Fixed] Teleporting into a cell will now pre-load the terrain around it.
    • [Fixed] Moving a pet deed out of inventory mid sample no longer prevents additional sample attempts.
    • [Fixed] Players will no longer be invulnerable when logging in while still LD.
    • [Fixed] A player's action queue is now cleared when they are set LD.
    • [Fixed] Players will no longer auto attack while LD.
    • [Fixed] Logout now correctly removes a players character from the world.
    • [Fixed] CTD while cloning holding a mission with an NULL waypoint
    • [Added] 6 month expiration to player mail.
    • [Fixed] Some issues with the gallop command.
    • [Fixed] Deleted players mail not being deleted from the database.
    • [Fixed] Deleted players waypoints not being deleted from the database.
    • [Fixed] Hair object in inventory after image design session.
    • [Added] Redesigned name generator for players.

    Creatures & NPCs
    • [Fixed] Attack-templates for PVE Force using npcs.
    • [Added] Quest symbol above some quest givers heads if they have a quest for you.
    • [Changed] Adjusted one of the rifles used by Dark Troopers.
    • [Added] Much larger variation in default attack animations.
    • [Removed] The Brawler attack intimidate from all NPC templates .
    • [Added] Animation CRCs for creature special attacks.
    • [Fixed] Creatures not playing their attack animations.
    • [Fixed] No more zombie creatures when incap/killing with indirect damage.
    • [Fixed] AI Creatures no longer instantly stand after posture changes.
    • [Fixed] NPCs sometimes attacking their own faction's turrets.
    • [Changed] Reduced exceptional/legendary loot chances for higher level mobs.
    • [Added] Naboo rescue heralds and kidnapped nobles.
    • [Fixed] AI should no longer aggro players through locked doors.
    • [Added] LUA template for Blastromech spawn and locations.
    • [Changed] Various NPC mob loot tables to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1.
    • [Added] Black Sun mobs on Rori for eventual implementation of Secrets of the Syren quest.
    • [Fixed] Some missing spawns across the galaxy.
    • [Changed] Some NPC mob weapon groups/templates to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1.
    • [Fixed] Incorrect stat on Greater Sludge Panther.
    • [Added] Redesigned name generator for NPCs.

    Droids & Pets
    • [Fixed] A few incorrect system messages for DROID healing.
    • [Fixed] Droid ranged attack animations.
    • [Fixed] Droid pets now animate attacks and shoot lasers.
    • [Fixed] Bug preventing pets from attacking indoors
    • [fixed] Pets being able to attack through locked doors.
    • [Fixed] Survey Droid mail format.
    • [Fixed] Droids will no longer grant skill mods(ie:crafting/medical) when out of range, dead, or incapacitated.

    • [Fixed] Weapon range modifiers on looted weapons are no longer modified by mob level, exceptional, legendary, or yellow modifiers.
    • [Fixed] Heavy Weapon consumable animations now play properly.
    • [Fixed] Grenade animations for last grenade in stack.
    • [Removed] A bugged barrel appearance from laser carbines.
    • [Fixed] Added missing customization templates to 4th gen 2h lightsaber.

    • [Fixed] Ballot Box Terminal to use the correct crafting tool & station.
    • [Changed] A target is no longer required for the divorce option to show on a ring.
    • [Fixed] Imperial psg effectiveness maximums.
    • [Fixed] Single stack looted components should no longer display a number when dropped.
    • [Fixed] Use counts sticking on various game objects.
    • [Added] Self powered harvester veteran reward.
    • [Fixed] Vehicle Damage.
    • [Fixed] Missing stats & effects on Chef food dustcrepe.
    • [Fixed] Radiation sensor not functioning after a restart.
    • [Added] Multiple new event perks.
    • [Fixed] Survey tool ranges to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1.
    • [Fixed] Items no longer have yellow text when removed from pre-existing crates.
    • [Fixed] Powerups now have yellow text when crafted or removed from a crate, the crate text is still white.
    • [Added] Redesigned name generator for resources.

    • [Fixed] Components remaining in inventory after adding to Manf Slot.
    • [Fixed] Using uncrated crafting tools as schematic slot ingredients.
    • [Fixed] Crafting components not visually appearing in crafting slots.
    • [Fixed] Crafting tools in backpacks will now output the final product to inventory automatically
    • [Fixed] Completion of crafting an item no longer transfers the item to the crafter's inventory if the crafting tool is not in the crafter's inventory.
    • [Fixed] Error in crafting experimentation calculations.

    • [Fixed] Resource throttle.
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    Player Structures & Cities
    • [Fixed] Static city garages to give a proximity message when a rider approaches.
    • [Fixed] Not being able to transfer a structure containing vendors
    • [Fixed] Positioning of all (hopefully) player structure signs.
    • [Fixed] Dynamic spawns now cause the ground around them to be yellow in the place structure view.
    • [Fixed] A full house will no longer prevent players from storing items in droids.

    PvP, Faction & GCW
    • [Added] /showPvPStats command.
    • [Changed] /showPvPRating command has been disabled. It has been replaced with /showPvPStats.
    • [Added] PvP kill count tracking for all players. Kill count information can be checked by using /showPvPStats.
    • [Changed] PvP rating calculation has been rewritten.
    • [Added] PvP achievement badges (50 kills, 75 kills, 100 kills, 250 kills, 500 kills, 750 kills, 1000 kills, 1500 kills, 2000 kills, 2500 kills, 3000 kills, 4000 kills & 5000+ kills).
    • [Added] Factional TEF active areas to all PvE GCW bases.
    • [Changed] PvP base defenses can now only be attacked by players flagged as Overt. TEF or City TEF is no longer factored in.
    • [Changed] PvP base defenses will now only attack players flagged as Overt. TEF or City TEF is no longer factored in.
    • [Fixed] When shutting down a base destruction sequence, a player must now stay with the hq terminal for the entire minute.
    • [Fixed] Players of the appropriate faction rank can now view the structure status of a faction base.
    • [Fixed] PvE bases can no longer have any defenses donated or removed.
    • [Added] A single defense can now be donated during a PvP base's vulnerability period.
    • [Fixed] /gcwstatus now directs players to visit a recruiter or newsnet terminal to check the status.
    • [Fixed] Newsnet terminal headlines will display when the sides are tied.
    • [Added] Recruiter conversation option for checking planetary control scores.
    • [Fixed] Numerous issues with GCW bases.
    • [Fixed] GCW bases now a more accurate emulation of 14.1

    • [Added] Group members now display their directional arrow and planet when out of range.
    • [Fixed] PvpStatus is now updated to nearby group members when a member joins, leaves, or the group disbands.
    • [Fixed] Permissions problem with items looted in Lottery or Random loot group loot options.

    • [Removed] Invalid vendor bark phrase.
    • [Fixed] Vendor ad-barking.
    • [Fixed] Vendor status will no longer state that the vendor is operating normally when it is out of maintenance or empty.
    • [Fixed] Deleted auction items not always getting destroyed from the database.

    • [Changed] Auction Chat and Galaxy Chat(General) will now be joined at character creation. Existing players will need to rejoin these channels.
    • [Added] Custom chat channels.
    • [Fixed] Spatial chat types now check for required skills.

    • [Fixed] DWB loot containers will no longer spawn SBD's unless the container has been refilled and will despawn after an hour if not killed.
    • [Fixed] DWB ingredient loot colors.
    • [Added] Updated Jabbas Palace mobs with patrols & animations.

    • [Fixed] Bug with escort target convo on some missions.
    • [Fixed] Mission description and waypoint titles.
    • [Fixed] BH missions can no longer be sliced.
    • [Fixed] Declared faction destroy mission targets not having the proper faction set.

    • [Fixed] Valarian's theme park quest reward Mystical Orb to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1.
    • [Added] Stimpack A schematic quest reward functionality.
    • [Fixed] Final quest turn-in for The Warren to grant proper faction point reward.
    • [Fixed] Hero of Tat ranch intercom bug.
    • [Fixed] Hero of Tat issue that would not let multiple people complete it at the same time.
    • [Fixed] Lifeday not being repeatable every year.
    • [Added] Bestine Melios Purl quests.
    • [Added] Pooja Naberrie questline (Deja Peak, Naboo).
    • [Added] Kima Nazith questline (Deja Peak, Naboo).

    • [Fixed] Stability issues.
    • [Fixed] Several coverity defects.
    • [Fixed] Some memory leaks.
    • [Fixed] Race Condition.
    • [Changed] Code refactoring.
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