Currently there is a known exploit within the game that allows someone to place a vendor inside a private building.

Starting April 1st, 2018 any vendor within a private building that is listed on the bazaar will result in a warning. This will be considered a "minor offense" as listed here: This warning can be, simply turning your building public, buying everything of your vendor and deleting the vendor, deleting the vendor with everything on it, a character freeze for 24 hours, or whatever else the staff at that time deem as appropriate. Please be aware this is an exploit. It will be fixed. It will be watched until it is fixed. This post is your chance to set your vendors up as intended, in a public building, usable by any player.

Mission Terminals

Starting March 1st, placing any mission terminal on top of a guild hall, outside of the intended scope of placement with, or, on top of a private building, will be a "major offense" as listed here This is considered an exploit and not as intended for game play. You have until March 1st, to remove any mission terminals from anywhere other than normal placement.

Staff Interaction And Abuse

Starting immediately, any player that verbally abuses a staff member for any reason, will be warned 1 time, frozen for 24 hours and a ban consideration put in effect. This will be considered a "severe offense" as listed here:

All of these changes are being added to the rules and policies of the server. Staff interaction and abuse by default apply to all channels of communication on all official server channels and media outlets