We've received some questions regarding emails that you are receiving from another SWG Server. I wanted to make a post addressing this so everyone knows whats going on and the proper steps to take. The server in question is using an email list generated from the vBulletin exploit that we experienced back in May of last year. More info on that can be found here: https://swgreckoning.com/showthread....-Vulnerability

I've attempted to have them stop, both publicly and privately with no success. The owner of that project has one goal in mind, to grow his small server, ethics be damned.

While our recourse in this matter is limited, the community can submit any unsolicited email received as spam to their email providers. This will do two things, stop further emails from ever reaching your inbox, and help providers filters to better pick up unsolicited emails to others from their email address.

Some Guides:

Most email providers will have a similar process to report spam as the above guides.