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    Community Meeting

    SWG Reckoning will host our Community Meeting open to all server members on Sunday April the 8th. This will be our third community meeting @ 6pm PST. If able ,please attend for the betterment of our sandbox. Thanks for your time have an amazing day.

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    where will it be held? discord/twitch/ts?
    Satei Eliod

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    Oct 2017
    Yes, I'd like to know this info. I tried to find the link/connection point last time but wasn't able to. Granted, I did not plan ahead very well last time! Any more information on this would be helpful. Thanks!
    Kith - TKM
    Nola - Armorsmith
    Brawler - Stacker
    Mando - Commando
    Other toons as needed...

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    Community Manager Elvira's Avatar

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    Jan 2018
    The Community Meeting will be held in Discord and on Twitch. The Twitch feed will be available from the Reckoning Discord page. We look forward to seeing all of you there.

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