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  1. until

    Congratulations Narja ! Winner of the Torton Grove Lottery Jackpot 15,610,000.
  2. until

    Awesome turn out today. So good to see so many new and veteran players today. You guys went all out. This event was poppin! Thank you so much Torton Grove for letting us invade your space!
  3. Elvira

    Reckoning Lottery


    Congratulations MisterScott ! Lottery Jackpot 5 million.
  4. until

    Congratulations Mortimer. I don't think he had any that got away. ')
  5. Elvira

    Slipknot Missing

    Slipknot has been found. Congratulations Morticon!
  6. until
    Have you ever tasted a fire grilled Blackfish? Some of the tastiest in the galaxy. Gather your gear and meet up at the Private Oasis on Tatooine. (1891 -6103 ports will be available) You will need to gather 60 fish including, one each, Blackfish, Bluefish, Faa, Laa, Ray, Striped Fish and Blowfish. Special rewards will be given for completing this event. Fishing Guide can be found here: http://swg.curby.net/fishing/
  7. Elvira

    Reckoning Rewards

    Reckoning Reward Credits will be given to players actively participating in some of the events scheduled this weekend. We look forward to seeing all of you!
  8. Elvira

    Elvira's Choice

    There will be several spot events popping up in random locations through out the galaxy. The spawns will range from Novice to Master. These spawns will range from Solo-able to OMG bring friends. Muahahaha
  9. Elvira

    Slipknot Missing

    **GNN Special Report** On the Emperor's recent visit to the Theed Palace, his prized boar "Slipknot" escaped his harness. The little waddler wandered off and is now loose somewhere inside the city. A reward is being offered to find the critter before the Emperor takes notice and his staff start dropping. *As an added bonus, you will get to take Slipknot home*
  10. Elvira

    Reckoning Lottery

    A Lottery droid has been set up in front of the Coronet starport. Lottery starts at 2,000,000 credits and will run through Monday . The winner of the lottery will win all credits posted to the Lottery Droid. You have to play to win. 20,000 credit entry fee. You will need cash. Good luck everyone!
  11. Elvira

    Krayt Graveyard Run

    Let's kill Krayts!!! Start time is Noon Pacific. We will run the Krayt Graveyard and kill them all! Depending on turn out, we may spawn a few *A staff member will host the group, with loot set to "random". Anything collected by staff members will be held to give out at future events. *You may bring 1 character per person. *At no time can you put your character on follow. *We will take regular breaks. If you need to take an unscheduled break, please notify Elvira. *Send tells to Reflex for ports to the Graveyard Entrance. *Elvira will also port you to the grave yard.
  12. until
    The Galactic Pet Adoption Agency is holding an open pet adoption in Coronet. The agency is busting at the seams and they need to make room. These adorable creatures will be available in front of the Coronet Starport. Creature Handlers, this is a great opportunity for you to fill your stables
  13. Elvira

    Theed Scavenger Hunt

    Congratulations Tufaz! Winner of the Theed Scavenger Hunt.
  14. Elvira

    Theed Scavenger Hunt

    Who doesn't like a good old fashioned Scavenger Hunt? A Scavenger Droid has been placed in front of the Theed Starport. Check the Items List with the droid and go. You may only complete the hunt with one (1) character. Prizes will be available once you've completed the items list. Do not destroy the items in your inventory. The items will need to verified.
  15. until
    There will be several mob types running, city decorations and lottery droid. The city cantina will be open for you to easily obtain mind and doctor buffs. Please use the city entertainer group. If another group is needed to accommodate the number of participants, one will be provided. Please remember to tip the city entertainers and doctors as they are so graciously setting up to help. Please keep in mind: If you pop into TORTON GROVE prior to the system announcement and start killing mobs, you will be teleported to the center of town and frozen for the duration of the event. You will not be able to talk your way out of it. You may bring only one (1) character per person. No dual boxing. If you are caught dual boxing, your characters will be teleported to the center of town and frozen for the duration of the event and any loot you have obtained will be deleted. Normal rules of engagement apply with regard to overt/special forces players. Please choose your character accordingly. Additional information will be provided in game. The above is to ensure that the event is fair to all participants. Event time is at the top of this page.

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