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  1. shadowfox

    More silly stuff....Signatures

    So in the forum conversion apparently some signatures have been broken. I have been noticing this and letting people know about the overall "height" of their forums signatures. So please change your forum sig if it goes over 200px. If not, I will.
  2. shadowfox

    Reporting through the website

    Reporting a post is for infractions to our rules and policies of the site. I can not believe that I have to point this out to anyone. Do not report a post to get it noticed by the staff simply because you want a reply. If I see this again, you will be banned for 24hrs. Multiple false reports or games with the report system can end up in a permanent ban. This will be added to the current rule system within the next few days. Thank you for your time.
  3. shadowfox

    Multiple account resubmission

    If you have multiple accounts on the server, please resubmit your multiple account request here: https://swgreckoning.com/multiaccount/ The server as a whole will be required to resubmit a new multiple account request for all multiple account users by july 1st, 2018. Remember the section 1, 1.1 rule: 1.1 On Reckoning, you can only have one account per person. Each account allows 2 characters to be logged in at the same time. We will be strictly enforcing this.. Exceptions are made for households where multiple people play (such as families, roommates, etc.). Please use the multiple account request page to notify us of additional accounts on the same IP. If found to be in violation, the secondary account will be disabled. Further violations will result in more severe action. The one account rule is in place to ensure fair game play for everyone. Any violations of this will be upheld. All accounts without a request will be investigated, and disabled after July 1st, 2018. All multiple account users will be investigated and verified. If a second account is found to simply be a farming account, just a buff account, just a resource account, or just a lot account it will be disabled and the user denied any chance of EVER having a multiple account again. For those that are thinking of popping in and trying to loophole the system, please remember, we can see account associations up to the folder, MAC and machine ID. We know if you have a multiple account, or have account shared. Just don't try to cheat the system. We will win that game. IMPORTANT!! When doing your multiple account re-submission, use the template! Copy paste the template in it's entirety and fill out the information with them. Failure to do so will deny your submission until you edit it properly. While it's denied. We will NOT recognize your second account and may DISABLE IT
  4. shadowfox

    Community meeting


    The time is under the title in this thread. Also the time shown there is whatever your time zone is. So if you have not set your time zone in your profile, you might want to.
  5. shadowfox

    Community meeting

    Voip and text community meeting streamed over twitch.
  6. Vendors Currently there is a known exploit within the game that allows someone to place a vendor inside a private building. Starting April 1st, 2018 any vendor within a private building that is listed on the bazaar will result in a warning. This will be considered a "minor offense" as listed here:https://swgreckoning.com/showthread.php?3-Website-And-Game-Rules-Policies-Consequences. This warning can be, simply turning your building public, buying everything of your vendor and deleting the vendor, deleting the vendor with everything on it, a character freeze for 24 hours, or whatever else the staff at that time deem as appropriate. Please be aware this is an exploit. It will be fixed. It will be watched until it is fixed. This post is your chance to set your vendors up as intended, in a public building, usable by any player. Mission Terminals Starting March 1st, placing any mission terminal on top of a guild hall, outside of the intended scope of placement with, or, on top of a private building, will be a "major offense" as listed here https://swgreckoning.com/showthread.php?3-Website-And-Game-Rules-Policies-Consequences. This is considered an exploit and not as intended for game play. You have until March 1st, to remove any mission terminals from anywhere other than normal placement. Staff Interaction And Abuse Starting immediately, any player that verbally abuses a staff member for any reason, will be warned 1 time, frozen for 24 hours and a ban consideration put in effect. This will be considered a "severe offense" as listed here:https://swgreckoning.com/showthread.php?3-Website-And-Game-Rules-Policies-Consequences. All of these changes are being added to the rules and policies of the server. Staff interaction and abuse by default apply to all channels of communication on all official server channels and media outlets
  7. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 12/29/2016, Hotfix 5.4.1[/h]Hotfix 5.4.1 Combat [Fixed] An issue with the Force Run, Intimidate, Stun, and Feign Death damage divisor removal.
  8. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 12/20/2016, Patch 5.4[/h]Patch 5.4 Force Ranking System [Added] All missing FRS modifiers for powers, enhancer, and healer. All modifiers should now be implemented [Changed] Force Power Max now uses the correct modifiers to calculate max force power for each FRS rank [Changed] Force Rank Experience will no longer be divided among group members, members will receive the full experience if they participate in the kill. [Adjusted] FRS Kill Log further enhanced [Changed] Force Ranking System's Maintenance has been halved: [Changed] Force Rank Experience Gain and Loss: Profession: Jedi [Changed] Jedi Enhancer skills (besides Force Run) are now toggleable [Changed] Force Regeneration to be closer to 14.1 [Changed] Adjusted several non-Jedi skills that cannot be used when a lightsaber is equipped [Fixed] Force Intimidate is now working as intended [Adjusted] Several Force Power damage ranges and state modifiers to be more accurate of 14.1 emulation [Fixed] Issues with Force Choke's strength [Added] Posture impact on Force Choke's strength Profession: Carbineer [Fixed] Issues with Carbineer damage modifiers Profession: Squad Leader [Changed] Squad Leader buff area changed to 192m (You must be within 192m of the group members in order to benefit from Squad Leader buffs.) Note this down from 256m Profession: Politician [Changed] Increased politician experience to 500 per citizen vote Spawns [Added] Updated static spawns of several high-end mobs to be more accurate emulation of 14.1 Galactic Civil War [Changed] The maximum number of bases per planet has been lowered from 35 to 25 [Changed] Edited turret damage values to be more accurate of 14.1 emulation [Edited] Several spawns on PvP and PvE bases Vendors [Adjusted] Increased bazaar item listing time to 30 days. [Adjusted] Increased player vendor listing time to 60 days. [Adjusted] Increased bazaar max item listing to 50 items. [Adjusted] Increased max bazaar item price to 100000. [Adjusted] Increased max items per page to 200 items. Vehicles Players can now have up to 8 vehicles in their datapad. Loot [increased] Named color crystal drop chance to be on par with normal color crystals Server/Misc [Fixed] A few possible stability issues [Changed] The server will now restart every other day at 4AM EST. This will be increased once we assess possible stability and memory leak issues that may result. We're aiming for one restart a week.
  9. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 11/28/2016, Patch 5.3[/h]Patch 5.3 Force Ranking System [Fixed] An issue where force cost reduction was not properly calculating with the dark frs modifier while using Force Armor I, Force Armor II, Force Shield I, & Force Shield II. [Fixed] An issue where damaging force powers damage was not calculating properly based on the light and dark modifiers. [Added] FRS power modifier to force choke ticks. [Fixed] An issue where FRS force pool increase was not calculating when equipping or unequipping a robe. [Added] All FRS kills are now logged to aid staff members in tracking fight clubbing. Loot [Disabled] Useless, non functional SEAs from dropping. (If I missed some, please let me know!) Server/Misc [Fixed] An issue with the base SWGEmu code that did not allow badge IDs above 159.
  10. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 6/15/2016, Patch 5.2[/h]Patch 5.2 Items [Fixed] The Domestic Arts drink Jaar now functions properly. [Fixed] Vehicles not disabling when reaching 0 health. [Fixed] Vehicles from using secondary defenses. Weapons [Fixed] Light lightning canon animations. Droids/Pets [Fixed] Droid effects module stopping after one effect. [Fixed] Droids with low power still granting their installed crafting benefits to the owner. Misc/Server [Fixed] Stability Issues x 8.
  11. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 5/25/2016, Hotfix 5.1.1[/h]Hotfix 5.1.1 Jedi Unlock System [Fixed] Another small issue with Jedi trainer assignment. Pets/Droids [Fixed] An issue causing socket clusters not to apply during crafting.
  12. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 5/23/2016, Patch 5.1[/h]Patch 5.1 Force Ranking System [Added] Players will now be pushed back if they try to enter an enclave that they are not a member of. [Fixed] An issue causing FRS voting terminals not to display their radial options. [Changed] FRS voting terminals are now spawned into the world via .tre snapshot file. [Fixed] FRS force bonus not being properly calculated when a player gains or loses a rank. [Added] A check on login that will ensure FRS force bonus is properly calculated for the player. Buffs [Fixed] Dot absorption modifier now functions properly. GCW/Faction [Fixed] A missing bountyLock check that was allowing heals when it shouldn't of.
  13. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 5/22/2016, Hotfix 5.0.3[/h]Hotfix 5.0.3 Combat [Fixed] Auto attack queue messages Buffs [Fixed] Dot absorption modifier now functions properly. Pet/Droids [Fixed?] Droids sometimes losing their modules. Items [Fixed] Crafted filling stats for Chef's dustcrepe food. GCW/Faction [Fixed] Overt or TEFd pets being healable by opposing Overt or TEFd players.
  14. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 5/17/2016, Hotfix 5.0.2[/h]Hotfix 5.0.2 Profession: Jedi [Fixed] Channel Force buff is now hard capped at 3 minutes. Each time its reapplied, it will renew for 3 minutes instead of adding to the remaining time of the previous use. Cities [Changed] The cloning box will now clearly display if the cloner is in a city that is aligned with the opposing faction. Items [Fixed]An error with the ATAT, ATST, and Bantha event perks that caused them not to generate from their deed. Quests [Fixed] An issue where the Knight Trial counter would not properly update when killing a trial creature. Misc/Server [Fixed] Issues with Galaxy chat having a space in its name. It's been renamed to General. All players will need to rejoin the General channel. [Fixed] A possible stability issue.
  15. shadowfox

    2016 Combined Patch Notes

    [h=2]Patch Notes 5/15/2016, Hotfix 5.0.1[/h]Hotfix 5.0.1 Profession: Jedi [Added] Adjusted channel force tick time. [Fixed] FRS experience not being reward to Jedi. [Fixed] Jedi visibility gain from humanoids. [Fixed] Equipping robes in front of humanoids or players will now grant visibility again.

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