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  1. ngetal

    Foundry Lotto!


    an additional donation pushes us over 14 mil !
  2. ngetal

    Foundry Lotto!


    and another generous contribution! the prize is over 13 mil - some lucky winner will be getting a Treat 😀
  3. ngetal

    Foundry Lotto!


    another donation! we're over 8 mil now
  4. ngetal

    Foundry Lotto!


    add in a couple generous donations, our prize is up to 4 mil!
  5. ngetal

    Foundry Lotto!

    to celebrate Halloween, let's have a lotto! 20k to register, prize starts at 1 mil
  6. ngetal

    Foundry Lotto!

    to celebrate Reckoning's latest patch, let's have a lotto! 20k to register, prize starts at 5 mil prize is up to 10 mil, thanks to our anonymous donator!
  7. until

    congrats to Kooma, winner of the Foundry Canada Day lottery! and a huge thanks to everyone that supported pushing the prize so high! just over 3 mil was added from registrations, and the rest was donated! you guys are teh awesome!
  8. until

    just checked again, the prize is over 30 million now!!
  9. until

    prize is now over 15 million! draw is on Wednesday
  10. until
    25,000 cash to register for your chance to win 4000000 8000000 10000000 ! visit the lottery droid, between the shuttle and bank terminal in Foundry on Corellia
  11. ngetal

    Galactic Home Show


    Baat would like to enter her hospital. Foundry, Corellia. -231 -5731
  12. until

    a big thanks to staff for the event in Foundry today, and thanks to everyone who came out to join us for the fun and goodies hope you all had a great time
  13. ngetal

    Galactic Home Show


    I'll nominate the Med Center in Foundry, another awesome creation by Laella!
  14. until

    congrats to Borbor on winning the DOOM City Event Lotto ! a big thanks to everyone who came out or dropped by for the event - it was great to see you there! and a special "thank you" to staff for making it all happen
  15. ngetal

    New Planets

    have to agree. not much point to adding new planets if they're just another place to drop harvesters. where will they fall in the scale of things - top-end 'adventure' planets like Dath, Endor and Yavin? upper middle, like Dant and Lok? lower middle, like Talus and Rori? or 'starter' planets like Tat, Naboo and Cor? will we be able to build cities on them? will they add a theme park for either side or both? or some other sort of content like DWB or the Warrens? I'd say "inquiring minds want to know" but I'm more being nosy

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