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  1. until

    with half an hour to go, the prize is over 40 million with 122 registered. hope you're in :)
  2. until
    general frequency transmission holy smokes! Shuttle Pilot Jones calling, there's a horde of cavemen heading towards the Dantooine Mining Outpost from the north. looks like the folks there might need some help
  3. until
    Imperial frequency transmission Commander D'krn reporting in - we've had a report that Tusken raiders are gathering to the west of Bestine near the Dune Sea. All citizens are advised to seek shelter immediately!
  4. until
    FedDub Police frequency transmission Alert! Alert! Investigator Re'na Nipe calling from Dearic detachment. We've received word that a large force of Black Sun raiders has invaded the village of Durbin, intentions unknown but presumed to be hostile! All troops to readiness status, reinforcements are requested urgently!
  5. until
    Imperial Frequency transmission General Cera calling in from the Mos Espa detachment - we've been surrounded by Tusken raiders, send reinforcements at once! I am initiating the failsafe protocols to prevent this base from falling to their control.
  6. Rincewind

    Reckoning Lottery


    winner -- Chakotay !
  7. until
    General Frequency transmission Recon Scout Patrol Gamma, reporting in to Mos Espa HQ... batten down the hatches! scanners are showing a large number of mobs headed your way from the west. Visual observation confirms it's a horde of Jawas! call for reinforcements - if they reach the city, nothing is safe!
  8. Rincewind

    Reckoning Lottery


    and another generous bump - the prize now sits at 7 million!
  9. until
    Imperial Frequency transmission Scout Recon Patrol 8 reporting in to Coronet Division HQ -- we're seeing a large number of Meatlumps gathering on the outskirts of the city... again... Advise caution in that area.
  10. Rincewind

    Reckoning Lottery


    and another bump for the lotto - prize is over 6,000,000 now
  11. Rincewind

    Reckoning Lottery


    and another generous donation to the pot - prize is now over 5,000,000 !
  12. Rincewind

    Reckoning Lottery


    and a donation to the prize! winner will get at least 2,000,000 cr
  13. Rincewind

    Reckoning Lottery

    looking for some easy money? there is a lottery droid in front of Coronet starport, next to the Enhancement terminal - 10,000 to register, prize starts at 1,000,000! draw is in one week
  14. until
    The Galactic Pet Adoption Agency is holding an open pet adoption in Mos Espa. The agency is busting at the seams and they need to make room. These adorable creatures will be available north of the Espa Garage. Creature Handlers, this is a great opportunity for you to fill your stables.
  15. until

    *whispers* I heard a rumor that it was from the starting time til whenever Fenrir got bored.... 😛

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