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  1. until
    The Galactic Pet Adoption Agency is holding an open pet adoption in Kaadara. The agency is busting at the seams and they need to make room. These adorable creatures will be available in front of the Kaadara Hotel. Creature Handlers, this is a great opportunity for you to fill your stables.
  2. until
    Imperial Frequency transmission Scout Recon Patrol 8 reporting in to Coronet Division HQ -- we're seeing a large number of Meatlumps gathering on the outskirts of the city... again... Advise caution in that area.
  3. until
    Mos Eisley Police frequency transmission Sergeant Ewo reporting in - we've received word that Tusken raiders are gathering to the east of the city behind the starport. Request backup! All citizens are advised to clear the area
  4. until
    Imperial Frequency transmission Colonel Axfow reporting in from Kor Vella - we have a bit of a situation here. we have a VIP coming in for what was supposed to be a secret meeting, but somehow the Rogue CorSec got word of it and they've come out in force to try for an abduction. reinforcements are urgently needed to deal with the threat before the VIP arrives
  5. until
    BH Guild open frequency transmission Greetings to all members and friends of the Guild. We have received an urgent message from our Spynet operatives in Kaadara - it seems that a number of our upcoming targets have taken it upon themselves to try and prevent the contracts on them. Kaadara has been 'invaded' by a number of these unsavory types and the Guild requests that you deal with this insolence... promptly.
  6. Rincewind

    Galactic Home Show


    in spite of my best efforts, it was a tie! congrats to Kith and Baat for their amazing entries!
  7. Rincewind

    Galactic Home Show


    it's down to two... they're neck and neck, coming round the home stretch....
  8. Rincewind

    Galactic Home Show


    it's all over but the shouting! staff are discussing the entries, a winner will be announced shortly :)
  9. until
    General Frequency transmission Recon Scout Patrol Delta, reporting in to Mos Eisley HQ... batten down the hatches! scanners are showing a large number of mobs headed your way from the east. Visual observation confirms it's a horde of Jawas! call for reinforcements - if they reach the city, nothing is safe!
  10. until
    general frequency transmission general frequency transmission holy smokes! Shuttle Pilot Jones calling, there's a horde of cavemen heading towards the Dant Agro Outpost from the north. looks like the folks there might need some help
  11. until
    The Galactic Pet Adoption Agency is holding an open pet adoption in Coronet. The agency is busting at the seams and they need to make room. These adorable creatures will be available in front of the Coronet Starport. Creature Handlers, this is a great opportunity for you to fill your stables.
  12. until
    *Smuggler Frequency transmission* Greetings! This is Protocol Droid G-5PO calling from Jabba's Palace with an urgent message. The illustrious Boba Fett, friend to the mighty Jabba the Hutt, has reported that he has received information from his contacts about some unusual Black Sun activity in the vicinity of the Death Watch Bunker. The glorious Jabba wishes this activity be investigated, and that any unusual items found should be brought to him.
  13. until
    Naboo Police frequency transmission Alert! Alert! All troops to stand-by status! Trade Federation forces have gathered near the Keren starport. Citizens are advised to stay clear of the area
  14. until
    Reckoning's Got Talent The Galactic Home Show begins February 1st and will run through February 29th! Break out your scissors, chain saws, measuring tape, floral arrangements and get those creative juices flowing. Show us what you've got Reckoning. Rules: -Players must enter before the event is over. To enter, post on the thread, in the Community Calendar, Your Name and home location (Planet & Way Point). -There will be ONE Winner. -The winner will be selected by the staff. -Participants can submit multiple structures but only win with one. -The winner will receive the badge "Winner of the galactic home show" -The winner will be able to select three items from the prize house and will receive one special item that is not available in the prize house (Special item will be random and at the staff's discretion.) -Participants will be judged on creativity and theme. -Structures entered in previous home shows are allowed, if they have been redecorated. -The structure you enter must be your own, regardless of who does the decorating. Only the structures account owner can win the prizes. A Winner will be announced March 1st. soon ™ We've seen some of the most amazing Cantina's, Guild Hall's and Homes scattered across the galaxy and we are very excited to see what you can do. *Please submit your entries by posting below*
  15. until
    *Naboo Policel frequency transmission* Emergency Alert! Captain Sacho reporting in from Theed detachment - the city being invaded by Borvos forces, approaching the starport from the south-west. Send reinforcements at once!

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